[It’s Back Home Again for me]

After many years working on other ventures with other companies in the Antiques trade I’m now back in full time and concentrating solely on the shop. After working at the shop with my dad and grandad in both my formative years, and also later on, I’m pleased to be back in full time. Whilst continuing with the service that regular customers have come to expect there’s also plenty of changes and improvements to come.

Over the past few months I’ve been steadily refurbishing and repainting the exterior of the shop. Also I have been expanding the type and variety of items that can be framed, I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, as you can see from the examples shown on the Framing page. After amounting years of framing experience, I’ve got lots of different framing ideas that I’d like to put into practise. The space upstairs has been named the Charles Smith Exhibition area, after my dad, and there’s going to be lots more exhibitions up there on a regular basis. We’ve always supported local artists such as Dav White, Neil Taylor and Peter Watson and with an increase in the frequency of exhibitions in the area will continue to do so, the space will be there to support, and helping to promote the local artist community.

Previously Picturesque would exhibit a variety of artists work at the same time, I’ve decided to change this to single artists exhibitions that will run for a period of time, to give those artists a chance for more exposure, and for our busy customers, a little longer to come and see the exhibition.

I’ve noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to buy quality artists materials and supplies locally, and as such we’ll soon be stocking a variety of supplies such as paper, paints, boards. Of course if there is anything we don’t have immediately in stock please ask us and we can order this for you.